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      mndfl @ work

      About our corporate program

      MNDFL @ Work offers customized mindfulness programs for your employees led by expert teachers and tailored specifically for your culture and goals.

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      3 benefits of meditation @ WORK

      Support healthy
      employee habits

      Increase productivity
      and strengthen
      communication skills

      Build community
      and culture

      Companies we’ve worked with

      What we have to offer


      Our instructors lead group mindfulness sessions via online platforms to reach employees in their homes / in offices worldwide

      In office

      Our instructors come to your offices for in-office guided mindfulness sessions

      Our classes

      MNDFL Breath

      For when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or even neutral—this one is for you. Learn the foundational practice of returning our attention to the breath in order to become more present.

      MNDFL Emotions

      For when you’re dealing with some strong emotions. While they can seem overwhelming, emotions are simply thoughts with a lot of energy. In this class we work with that energy, seeing it not as good or bad, but simply a part of who we are.

      MNDFL Heart

      For when you need to connect with your tender heart. This class encompasses loving-kindness practices and ways to become more compassionate and empathetic towards yourself & others.

      MNDFL Intentions

      For when you need to start your day
      off on a positive note. A guided
      contemplation session to learn
      how to start and end your day with
      an intention specific to you.

      MNDFL Energy

      For when you need a boost of energy. For those seeking a good amount of guidance, you can work with the breath or mantras to naturally increase your energy levels.

      MNDFL Relaxation

      For when you need to just let go. Experience techniques that allow the body to dexcite, wind down and ultimately settle. We won’t tell if you drift off to sleep – promise.

      MNDFL Yoga Nidra

      Is there really something that can give you total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness? Yes there is – and no, this isn’t a trick question. Providing the body with deep relaxation, Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down and mixes intention setting, a systemic body scan and visualizations that will take you deeper into a state of consciousness somewhere between sleep and awake (kinda like that delicious morning moment when you’re emerging out of a good night’s sleep, but not quite fully awake yet). This kind of epic bodily rest allows your mind to open up to new ways of thinking, healing, and connecting . Basically, meditation dessert.

      MNDFL Sound Bath

      For when you’re looking to shift in your energy to a state of deep relaxation and rest. For those who want to take a moment of relaxation or gain the benefits from meditation, but have not yet learned how to access on their own.

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