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MNDFL Ed. aims to make meditation accessible to New York City children and youth, and under-resourced school communities.

We are a non-profit centre founded to bring time-tested meditation techniques into schools and are led by trained and certified MNDFL meditation instructors.

The goal is for all participants to live more productive, peaceful lives, and become a new generation of open-hearted and compassionate human beings.


Accessible and Lively

Our curriculum motivates children and adults alike to experience mindfulness and compassion principles, on and off the meditation seat.


Partnerships are inclusive and collaborative, resulting in excellent professional development for teachers and staff.


Ours is a residency-based program in schools. MNDFL teachers are available before, during, and after classes to build relationships, answer questions, and contribute to community.

Three Realms

We engage students through personal, interpersonal, and community mindfulness. We custom build each specific program with the partner school, through three general types of programs.


We custom build each specific program with the partner school, through three general types of programs.

The MNDFL Ed. Class

Possible subjects include: Health and Wellness; Leadership; Art & Creativity. Co-Taught with School Faculty. MNDFL Ed. offers: curriculum development support, planning, execution, reflection. Classes typically run 3-5 days per week.

Afterschool Program

Possible topics include: Health and Wellness, Leadership; Art and Creativity. Co-Led with School Faculty. M N D F L Teachers are available before, during, and after program; 2-4 days per week

Professional Development Series

Possible Topics include: Health and Wellness, Focus and Productivity, Community Building.

From Our Director

Welcome to MNDFL Ed!

We started MNDFL Ed because, in today's world, mindfulness and compassion practices are important, and in my personal experience it's more than important - it's invaluable to teens and youth in NYC schools.

This project is inspired by the community and camaraderie that you've already seen at the MNDFL studios. Thousands of people, mostly adults, have experienced the feeling of peace, relaxation, and self reflection offered by our amazing teaching staff at MNDFL. My inspiration is to bring this experience to teens and youth - creating safe spaces within schools for young people to explore their minds and hearts, and form healthy connections with peers and adults.

On a personal note, I was fortunate to be exposed to mindfulness as a teenager and it has stuck with me my whole life. My aspiration is for all young people to learn these tools in order to counter stress, fear, anxiety and everything they have to face in today’s world.

I hope you will join me in supporting our next generation of leaders to feel strong, aware, and confident in helping make the world a place of respect and dignity for all.


David Perrin