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      mndfl certification & training

      About our certification

      MNDFL Certification & Training is a unique 75- hour online program developed by our Senior Advisor Rev angel Kyodo williams and Director of Training David Perrin for prequalified practitioners looking to deepen their practice and expand on their offerings to their communities. We’re here to help you feel good, be good and do good.

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      Study with the best.

      Go deep with rock solid teachers, renowned field experts, and a curriculum designed by people that are both senior teachers and sought after professionals with decades of real world and public-facing experience that will be delivered to you.

      mindfulness, for real.

      Science matters, if you didn’t know, now you really know (Oh hi, 2020). Wisdom, too. Integrate these evidence-based skills into your existing work and practices as educators, teachers, and trainers of all kinds. Or go get that new gig that’s been waiting for you.

      The planet needs you.

      Specifically you. Once you have a comprehensive handle on mindfulness and its roots, you’ll be able take your unique self out into the world and share your MNDFL goodness with others. 

      Our certification program


      Intro to Mindfulness

      Commitment: 2 hours

      Who: Anyone and Everyone who is looking to learn more about how mindfulness came to be, and where it’s evolution lies.

      Requirements: None

      What you’ll learn:

      • Context of Modern Mindfulness
      • Origin & History
      • Lineages, Branches & Streams
      • Buddhism & Wisdom Traditions

      From red robes to iPhone apps, MNDFLness has had quite the evolution. This introductory portion of our program will cover everything from its traditional history as it is rooted in Buddhism to Modern Mindfulness that has gone “mainstream.”

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      Mindful Intensive Training

      Commitment: 25 hours

      Who: Prequalified practitioners ( Coaches, Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Social Workers, HR & Education Professionals, Dharma Teachers & Leaders, etc)

      Requirements: Intro to Mindfulness (included in this package)

      What you’ll learn:

      • The MAP of Mindfulness
      • Essential Science + Theory of Mindfulness
      • Technique & Skillsets
      • Ethics & Conduct
      • Application in the Real World

      This is where you become a part of the story of MNDFLness. On your own time and at your own speed, make your way through 25 hours of expert-led content. In this intensive course which is delivered fully online, you will cover the integral relationship between mindfulness and awareness and how they work together to give rise to presence. Gain an understanding of both the benefits and challenges to the practice, as well as an evidence-based approach, and the neuroscience behind it all.

      You’ll also get into how to establish a practice, deliver instruction, hold space for others, ascertain appropriate leadership, and how you can share mindfulness with others. This intensive is specifically designed to get you really grounded and well-rounded, so you can confidently and safely share mindfulness practices with others professionally and personally, not to mention taking your own practice to the next level.

      Take the MIT for a DIY learning experience — think of it like auditing a class — or build in the live community-based container of the Practicum.

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      Commitment: 20 hours

      Who:  Practitioners taking the MIT that want a live and interactive experience and would benefit from the accountability of mentorship, and the support and camaraderie of community.

      Requirements: MIT (Mindfulness Intensive Training)

      What you’ll learn and receive:

      • Putting Training Into practice
      • Practice In Real Situations
      • Get Grounded + Well-Rounded
      • Be In Peer Community
        Mentorship + Coaching
      • Receive Feeback
      • Access Latest Research and Best Practices
      • Measure & Assess Your Progress

      Next level of the game, literally. This interactive online portion of the program brings practice into action and runs concurrently alongside MIT. Practicum is designed to empower you with the real-world practice, experience and feedback you need to share evidence-based mindfulness practices with confidence and integrity in your own style, with the audiences that matter to you.

      Bonus: it’s an opportunity to foster community, connect with your MNDFL peers and share resources for future work.

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      Certification Retreat

      Commitment: 18 hours

      Who: Applicants that have successfully completed the MIT & Practicum attendance and assessment requirements. 

      Requirements: MIT & Practicum

      What you’ll experience:

      • Practice
      • Feedback
      • Direct Coaching
      • Assessment
      • Culminates In Certification*

      At MNDFL, we’ve always said “there’s no substitute for one human being holding space for another human being” and a weekend retreat is the perfect opportunity to feel this BIG TIME. Come together with other participants and practice in community, feeling all that MNDFL magic, while experiencing real-time feedback, coaching, assessments. Yes, you’ll be officially certified after this last step*, but you’ll also join our extended MNDFL family which will make us officially thrilled.

      *To maintain a high level of integrity and qualified instructors, certification is not guaranteed and is entirely at the discretion of the Certification Evaluation Team. Candidates must meet certification standards but will be able to re-apply if they don’t. 

      **Requirement for Certification

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      Who is this for?

      Intro to Mindfulness and/or MIT: MNDFLness is rooted in in fundamentals. This crash course is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of mindfulness and its FUN-damentals.

      MIT + Beyond: Prequalified practitioners with professional experience in the health and wellness industry who want to bring MNDFLness to their communities. I.e. Coaches, Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Social Workers, Education professionals, etc…

      Your Guides

      Rev Angel Kyodo Williams

      Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an author, Master Trainer, Zen priest and Senior Advisor of MNDFL who powerfully communicates the relevance of mindfulness as an essential skill that anyone can access. Leveraging practices from time-tested ancient wisdom, she helped thousands of people see how you can meet today’s modern, fast-paced life with more grace, connection, and compassion in as little as five minutes a day. Rev. angel knows that a mindful life doesn’t happen by accident. every one of us can experience a more liberated life.

      David Perrin

      David Perrin is a meditation teacher and mentor in the Shambhala tradition. He is a founding faculty member at MNDFL and the Institute for Compassionate Leadership and serves as Executive Director of MNDFL Ed., bringing mindfulness, compassion, and community building practices to NYC schools. David is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and Registered Drama Therapist. He has worked as a psychotherapist for Creative Alternatives of New York, and Counseling In Schools, among other agencies. David is a founding Trustee at the Perrin Family Foundation, supporting youth to be catalysts for social justice. David lives in New York City with his partner Anne Kenan and their three children.

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